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🍹🍸All prices INCLUDE taxes and deposits!!  🍹🍸
🍹🍸All prices INCLUDE taxes and deposits!!  🍹🍸

Paddock Wood Charybdis (4 Cans)

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An IPA-style beer with a rich hop profile and mild bitterness. Look for a malt-forward, hoppy experience with hints of citrus.

Charybdis (ka-RIB-diss) was a Greek mythological woman-turned-sea-monster capable of producing whirlpools that destroyed sailing ships.

Our Charybdis is hopped in the “whirlpool” stage of brewing, allowing it to have its great hop flavour and aroma - without the bitterness often associated with hoppy beers.


Product of: Saskatchewan/Canada
Alcohol: 5.8%

Style: Balanced & Roasted